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Let's face it - this isn't the first time you've tried to feel better.

But has anyone ever checked your nervous system?

100's of visits and payments to chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, PT's, doctors, pain clinics et al, hoping that this time they'll be able to help.

Most therapists are experts in the one field they've trained in.

For example; if you bring your back pain to a back specialist, they will focus on your back. If you bring your foot pain to a foot specialist they will focus on your foot.

But what if the area that hurts isn't the problem at all?

How can you expect to fix it if you can't find it?


With every professional you see that can't help, you start believing that you'll be stuck with your issue forever.

Here's what your therapist doesn't say.  All chronic pain is a product of the brain and nervous system. The body is where the symptoms show up but the nervous system and brain are where the cause is.

That's why we start there. Because everything starts there.

It's the foundations of what we do and why we get results.

Our methods are backed by the South East England NHS commissioner and head of Kings college Nursing studies because we help your nervous system feel safe enough to break the pain cycle.


A system with reduced threat is a system that isn't in survival mode.


STEVEN OBERGAN | 20 October 2021


" I have had the first pain free day in two years and it's all from starting with this program. Thanks for your help so far. My back was so tight and lost all strength, now I can see definition coming back!"


RECOGNISING: We need to work with our bodies and brains as a whole.

REALIGNING: Enhancing the way our brains use information to move.

REWIRING: Mastering our brains inhibitive reactions to pain.

REASSURING: Training our brains to feel safe enough to move freely.

We use neuroscience techniques to help people overcome chronic pain.

Most therapies treat the symptom rather than the root cause.

At best you might feel relief for a few hours to a few days. 

But mostly it just drains your bank account and leaves you feeling hopeless after another unsuccessful attempt.

We don't. We treat the root cause of your condition.

The nervous system.


That’s what makes us different. Thats why our treatment works.


Chronic pain?
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