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Let's face it - this isn't the first time you've tried to feel better.

But has anyone ever checked your nervous system?

100's of visits and payments to chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, PT's, doctors, pain clinics et al, hoping that this time they'll be able to help.

Most therapists are experts in the one field they've trained in.

For example; if you bring your back pain to a back specialist, they will focus on your back. If you bring your foot pain to a foot specialist they will focus on your foot.

But what if the area that hurts isn't the problem at all?

How can you expect to fix it if you can't find it?


With every professional you see that can't help, you start believing that you'll be stuck with your issue forever.

Here's what your therapist doesn't say.  All chronic pain is a product of the brain and nervous system. The body is where the symptoms show up but the nervous system and brain are where the cause is.

That's why we start there. Because everything starts there.

It's the foundations of what we do and why we get results.

Our methods are backed by the South East England NHS commissioner and head of Kings college Nursing studies because we help your nervous system feel safe enough to break the pain cycle.


A system with reduced threat is a system that isn't in survival mode.


STEVEN OBERGAN | 20 October 2021


" I have had the first pain free day in two years and it's all from starting with this program. Thanks for your help so far. My back was so tight and lost all strength, now I can see definition coming back!"


RECOGNISING: We need to work with our bodies and brains as a whole.

REALIGNING: Enhancing the way our brains use information to move.

REWIRING: Mastering our brains inhibitive reactions to pain.

REASSURING: Training our brains to feel safe enough to move freely.

We use neuroscience techniques to help people overcome chronic pain.

Most therapies treat the symptom rather than the root cause.

At best you might feel relief for a few hours to a few days. 

But mostly it just drains your bank account and leaves you feeling hopeless after another unsuccessful attempt.

We don't. We treat the root cause of your condition.

The nervous system.


That’s what makes us different. Thats why our treatment works.


Chronic pain?
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nervous system reset

The Nervous System Reset is a rolling monthly membership built around 5 core principles that will get you feeling like you belong in your body. 

TAILORING: On signing in for the first time you'll be asked to complete an online assessment covering your medical history, any physical issues you may have and your personal goals.


ACTION: Within 24 hours we'll have built you a comprehensive programme aimed at dramatically changing your pain and anxiety issues within 12 weeks.


Not only do you get your program, you'll have access to our full library of on demand workouts for everything from anxiety to back pain and yoga.


HONING: Your programme will be geared towards delivering noticeable results in the first 90 days.


Every 12 weeks your program will change in accordance with your progress and feedback to get you completely pain free and feeling better for life.


SUPPORT & SHARING: We'll check in with you on a regular basis and we are constantly available for ongoing support.


You'll also find a community group ready to chat and share with people who are on a similar journey to you.

individual rehabilitation roadmap

The Individual Rehabilitation Roadmap is just that.


It's a 90 day close contact coaching experience designed to take your nervous system from overwhelmed to thriving.

After an initial online pre training assessment & a full 90 minute brain & body consultation (remote or in person), we assess, pinpoint and build you the step by step plan you need to heal the root cause of your chronic pain.

Your program is built for you and you alone. We then adapt, update and alter the program as you progress depending on your feedback (daily if needed).

No other rehabilitation program does this.

When we say custom we mean it. You decide how many days and how long you want to devote. It's our job to make the journey fit around you.

The best kind of rehab is the rehab you actually enjoy doing.

Chronic illness is a product of the nervous system.

The body is where the symptoms show up, but the nervous system is where the problem lives.

You could be doing everything right, but if you don't rehab your nervous system, none of it will work.

The Individual Rehabilitation Roadmap is the most personalised, effective chronic pain treatment there is.

NHS practitioners recommend it because it works when you feel like you've tried everything.

If we can't heal you in 12 months or less, we will work with you for FREE until we do.


SOPHIE SCOTT | 04 May 2022


" I've seen a shift in my physical pain, but my emotional response more so. I think I will start to implement all of this for the rest of my days! "

Chronic PAIN is a symptom of a sick nervous system.

The problem is in the nervous system and the body is showing the symptoms.


If there's one thing you have to understand about chronic pain, it's that it is entirely controlled by your nervous system.

Even if you're doing all the right things, they are not going to work if your nervous system is stuck in fight or flight.

The problem is in the nervous system and the body is showing the symptoms.

How you move is a reflection of what you, your nervous system and body have gone through in life. Your nervous system never forgets and those past injuries and experiences, big and small, dictate how you move based on what has worked for you in the past. This all happens subconsciously using information from your sensory systems.

The problems start when our brains are using mis-matched sensory information to make decisions about how we move, whats painful or dangerous and what is the safest state to exist in.

Unfortunately for many people the brain can begin to view being in pain as the safest place to be.

You can put a stop to this vicious cycle and we are going to help you do just that.

We will reintroduce you to your body and help you take back control of your nervous system.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world or what your background is.We have helped 1000's of people make an incredible change in their lives.

Let us help you rewrite the rest of your story.


5F9D095B-E4AA-4389-8AA2-11173326BAC9 2_edited.jpg

is for:

- Chronic Joint and muscle pain (back, knees, shoulder, neck)

- Chronic fatigue and low energy levels

- Chronic anxiety/stress & Emotional regulation/mood swings

- TBI (traumatic brain injury) & Concussion

- Frozen shoulder and shoulder impingements

- Sciatica & SI joint syndrome

- inability to focus & Co-ordination problems

- Post surgery recovery & Scar rehabilitation

- Tendon/ligament pain & Bursitis

- Nerve pain & Limb numbness and tingling

- Balance problems/clumsiness & Posture correction

- Herniated/bulging discs & Discectomy recovery

- hip problems & Piriformis syndrome

- Arthritis/Osteoarthritis

- Visual issues & Vertigo/Dizzy spells

- Breathing issues


is not for:

- Weight loss/aesthetics

- Nutritional coaching

- Cancer, tumors & idiopathic growths

- Acute phase fractures

- Generic gym only based programming

- Canalith repositioning

- Neurodivergent diagnosis

Your Brain Moves You

If The Information It Receives Is Mismatched It Can Trigger Chronic Pain

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When you're in chronic pain long enough, you start to lose hope that anything will work.

You see so many experts and specialists that you start to believe that, that's just the way it is. This is my new normal.

You almost stop trying to find a solution because you can't bear the disappointment of going through yet another batch of treatment from an expert that meant well but wasn't able to help.

You've probably tried EVERYTHING to escape the pain. Physio, chiropractors, acupuncture, yoga, massages, supplements... Some of it might have helped. Most of it didn't. But NONE of it delivered permanent or even long lasting relief.

The problem is that they are all missing something. And what they're missing makes all the difference.

So what are the missing links for a pain free life?

There are two parts to this. The SOURCE and the SYMPTOM.

The treatments you've tried before have all been focused on treating the symptom.
Back hurts - Stretch the back...
Knee hurts - Rehab the knee...
Shoulder weak - Strengthen the shoulder...

But heres the thing...

When you focus on the SYMPTOM, you can't solve the REAL PROBLEM.

The nervous system and sensory mis-match.
What most people ignore is that the body and brain is an interconnected system. Everything affects everything else. 
If one sensory system or body part isn't working well or is injured everything else in the body and nervous system will compensate until it can't compensate any longer.

Thats when the brain will generate pain to finally stop you hurting yourself more. The problem really happens when the pain or anxiety becomes chronic. 

Pain is a habit. A habit you've become sensitised to. This doesn't mean the pain is your fault. But there are patterns and systems that you probably aren't even aware off, dictating how you move, how tight your muscles are, how good your balance is etc that could be leading to the symptoms you experience.

But when you address the root cause of the problem and use targeted exercises to get your nervous system back out of survival mode, the results can be rapid. Some clients don't need us after the first 30 days ever again!

When you solve the problem at the source amazing things can happen. After years or even decades of being stuck in the same place you'll start to feel like you belong in your body.

Are you ready to stop chasing symptoms and discover how to finally take control of chronic pain?


Join Now And Get Results With No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.


Blue Eye on Grey Background_edited.jpg

Visual System

More than just 20/20

Vision is your brain's most important system, just think how much moving in everyday life relies on your ability to see.

We think of 20/20 as “perfect vision.”

But vision can be improved just like any other skill.

Your eyes have muscles controlling their ability to move and just like any other muscle, they can be trained.

If you can see well the quality of information your brain can process increases. This then increases the ability you will have to move well.

In real life, unlike the opticians, things move and we need the ability to see and track them clearly in order for the brain to feel safe enough to allow us to move.

We train your eye’s ability to see clearly and move well.


Vestibular System

Where am I going and which way is up?

Our vestibular system (in our inner ear) is a vitally important system to the brain and movement.

Without it we wouldn't be able to move as we wouldn't have much of an idea where we were moving to!

This system is automatic and we hardly even notice it but if theres a mis-match between the vestibular system and the other sensory systems it can have huge effects on our ability to move well.

This can cause muscles to and posture to change and lead to long term pain and movement problems.

All of our courses help retrain the vestibular system to function well.

Yoga at Home

Proprioceptive System

Our movement map

If you can't sense a limb, you won't be able to move it. And if you could, you wouldn't know where you had moved it to!


Being able to sense your joints and muscles is called proprioception. 

The brain adapts to what it does everyday, and if you have mis-matched maps it won't feel safe allowing you to move.

Much like a GPS. all of your neural maps must match to build a clear picture of the world around you and how you are moving through it.

It these maps aren't working well together your ability to move will be hampered.

We train the proprioceptive system to move with control through the full range of motion.

Join Now And Get Results With No Contracts,
Cancel Anytime.


We've worked with so many people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Here's what they have to say about us.


Get an idea of the types of exercises we use to rehabilitate and strengthen the people we work with.

Basically a library of free Rewire tasters...


We talk with fellow practitioners, clients and coaches about what we do. Exploring and reflecting on science backed success stories.

The focus is always the importance of a healthy nervous system.