The body is where you see the problem but your nervous system is usually the cause.

That's why we start there.

It's the foundations of what we do.

Our methods are backed by the South East England NHS commissioner because we help your nervous system feel safe enough to break the pain & anxiety cycle.

A system with reduced threat is a system that isn't in survival mode.

To heal your nervous system we work to heal four main aspect of the nervous system linked to chronic pain.

The visual system

The balance system

The proprioceptive system

The cardiovascular system

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If there's one thing you have to understand about chronic pain and anxiety, It's that it is entirely controlled by your nervous system.

Even if you're doing all they right things, they are not going to work if your nervous system is stuck in fight or flight.

Chronic illness is a symptom of a sick nervous system.

The problem is in the nervous system and the body is showing the symptoms

The brain has two two ways to get your attention if you're doing something it thinks is unsafe. Pain and anxiety.

There are lots of therapies that people try that work on the body - or specific parts of the body - without looking at the systems that part of the body is connected to or what systems control how that part of the body works.

To us that’s like getting in a car that won’t start and changing the whole engine instead of checking to see whether there’s fuel in the tank.

The reason you may be experiencing pain and anxiety is because the brain does not own or feel safe the way you are currently moving. It's receiving mis-matched sensory and movement signals which causes the brain to exist in a state of confusion and panic as different senses are telling it different things. A confused brain is a body in pain. 

Our mission is to help chronic pain & anxiety sufferers manage and reduce their symptoms by eliminating sensory mis-match through neurology and sensory integration training.


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is for:

- Chronic Joint and muscle pain (back, knees, shoulder, neck)

- Chronic fatigue and low energy levels

- Chronic anxiety/stress & Emotional regulation/mood swings

- TBI (traumatic brain injury) & Concussion

- Frozen shoulder and shoulder impingements

- Sciatica & SI joint syndrome

- inability to focus & Co-ordination problems

- Post surgery recovery & Scar rehabilitation

- Tendon/ligament pain & Bursitis

- Nerve pain & Limb numbness and tingling

- Balance problems/clumsiness & Posture correction

- Herniated/bulging discs & Discectomy recovery

- hip problems & Piriformis syndrome

- Arthritis/Osteoarthritis

- Visual issues & Vertigo/Dizzy spells

- Breathing issues


is not for:

- Weight loss/aesthetics

- Nutritional coaching

- Cancer, tumors & idiopathic growths

- Acute phase fractures

- Generic gym only based programming

- Canalith repositioning

- Neurodivergent diagnosis


STEVEN OBERGAN | 20 October 2021


" I have had the first pain free day in two years and it's all from starting with this program. Thanks for your help so far. My back was so tight and lost all strength, now I can see definition coming back!"


SOPHIE SCOTT | 04 May 2022


" I've seen a shift in my physical pain, but my emotional response more so. I think I will start to implement all of this for the rest of my days! "


HILLAS SMITH | 07 September 19


"I had been having some nerve issues with my right shoulder, getting numbness and pins and needles. But the exercises had an immediate effect. This flossing has been working wonders."

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Physiotherapy, meditation, yoga and mind-fullness all use elements of neurology. Your treatment will include the best science backed chronic pain and anxiety treatment methods available today.


These techniques are in use with the US Navy Seals, German National Football team, Elite Crossfit athletes and Premier League Football Teams to get better results from the best.

Your nervous system controls everything, so start your journey to healing it today.

1. SIGN UP: Once signed up for your remote training at £59.98 pm, you'll receive all the instructions you need to get started.

2. TAILORING: On signing in for the first time you'll be asked to complete an in depth assessment covering your medical history, any physical issues you may have and your personal goals.

3. ACTION: Within 24 hours we'll have built you a comprehensive programme aimed at dramatically changing your pain and anxiety issues within 12 weeks.

4. HONING: Your programme will be geared towards delivering noticeable results in the first 90 days. Every 12 weeks your program will be altered in accordance with your progress and feedback to get you completely pain free and feeling better for life.

5. SUPPORT: We'll check in with you on a weekly basis and we are constantly available for ongoing support. 

6. SHARING: You'll also find a community group ready to chat and share with people who are on a similar journey to you.


MIA SWEENY | 03 December 2021


"Fanfreakingtastic programming Gareth. Boy, have I been missing out. This feels like I just finished meditating. Truly, the benefits go way beyond just physical."


ELENA CASOTTO | 29 August 2018


"You saved me. This was a horrible pain. One physio told me some people have it for a long period like up to a year. For me it was a very sad period with this pain. Again, you saved me. "

Join Now For Only £59.98 pm And Get Results With
No Contracts, Cancel Anytime.
Start Your Free 14 Day Trial.


RECOGNISING: We need to work with our bodies and brains as a whole.

REALIGNING: Enhancing the way our brains use information to move.

REWIRING: Mastering our brains inhibitive reactions to pain.

REASSURING: Training our brains to feel safe enough to move freely.

We use neuroscience techniques to help people overcome chronic pain and anxiety. ​

Most physiotherapists treat the symptom rather than the root cause.

We don't. 


We treat the root cause.


That’s what makes us different. 

Chronic pain or anxiety?
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