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Are you the same person when you're sore?

I have something to share and it isn't sweets alas! Long before I helped people with James. I wasn’t a very nice person at all.

I was a straight up in pain. 


That has an effect on your personality after a while.

I was always snapping at people, then feeling guilty after. I never wanted to do anything fun because even things like sitting in the cinema felt like torture.

If I sneezed, ha! that was me on the floor in tears.


In 2012, I had a serious injury that made me change my outlook on life and more importantly, moving.

 Or lack of it.

I thought I had been in pain before, Nope.

That was nothing compared to this...

I broke my back and couldn’t work anymore.

All in one moment my career was over. What was I going to do?


I literally tried everything.

There was NO easy way out available.

And then it happened.

I stumbled on nervous system based training…

I read research papers, watched webinars, attended events, courses and all sorts.

I taught my nervous system that it was safe to move and BOOM!

All these new positions that I could never reach before started opening up…

…all in the space of around 12 months I had gone from crippled by pain to being more capable than I had ever been.

I was still bricking it every time I moved though.

But, it didn’t just change my recovery. It changed my life.

I realised this fundamental truth…

“Where you are now and where you want to be is nothing more than new information (from someone who has been there and done it) and implementation.”

This realisation lead to me becoming a student of neurology based rehab and movement (otherwise known as big sciencey stuff that fixes people).

I realised that ALL of the answers to my anxiety and pain problems were out there - I just needed to drop the ego, seek it out, ask for help and study. 

I invested so much in World Class information and tested it on my own body with great results that people were lining up for me to do the same for them.

Fast forward to now and I’m now helping hundreds of people worldwide (including olympic athletes) on getting out of pain, getting moving, all using their nervous system.

And there’s nothing more rewarding than that.

When the steps are followed I don’t just get to see people move with new confidence.

But I get to see the person’s life change forever.

More confidence, less stress, less anxiety, more options and more time with using their body to do the things they like.

Theres nothing better than that and I’d love to help you fast-track your recovery too.

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